How to observe a meeting

Obtain and read the agenda before meeting.
You can download agendas here: At the meeting printed agendas are usually on the table in meeting room.

Review supplemental reports if appropriate.
You can find supplemental reports by clicking on an agenda and then scrolling down to the item of interest. Click on the blue number in parentheses below the agenda item and that should bring up supplemental reports on the item.

Wear League identification.
Introduce yourself at the first meeting to the chair – or ask a League member to make an introduction. Note if your council person is on the committee – it is a good time to make contact.

Get clarification of acronyms and special terms you might not be acquainted with. Take notes. Reports need to be completed in a timely way in order to be of consequence to the League. Please submit within one week.

The report form is found on You can cut and paste in your report – the boxes are larger than they look.

Your report will go to the Action Committee and you will automatically be sent a copy. Items of particular League interest will be sent onto the board to decide upon action.

As an observer, you are just observing. You must have permission from the League to speak for the League. You may speak at meetings but you must fill out a speaker card first.

The aim of the League of Women Voters of Oakland‚ Observer Corps‚ (OC) is to monitor the meetings of local government, city and state agencies and to report our findings to the Action Committee, which will use the information to develop advocacy positions, as well as to formulate direct action.

After three or four meetings, if the board/commission, committee doesn’t click with you contact one of us – or all three. You are absolutely permitted to ask questions – after the meeting is a good time.

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